Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms of Use of the website

Terms and conditions for using the services provided via the azdostaviam.com information platform

The general conditions of "RIVA-LOGISTICS UK LIMITED" are mandatory for all users of the SITE.
Any use of this SITE means that you have:
1. familiarized yourself with the general terms and conditions of use
2. agreed to comply with them unconditionally

The general terms and conditions may be changed unilaterally by "RIVA-LOGISTICSUK LIMITED" at any time via updates. These changes come into Force immediately and are mandatory for all consumers. "RIVA-LOGISTICS UK LIMITED "has the right to make changes to the Terms of Use at any time time at their own discretion or if they are imposed by virtue of entering force of a normative act. It is possible that they have a retroactive effect on in relation to already delivered and confirmed orders. In any case change of general conditions "RIVA-LOGISTICS UK LIMITED" informs the customers by posting the changes to the Site. In this sense, You as a Client have an obligation to refer to any changes to the general terms and conditions of the Site prior to every use. If any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions for the use of the Site prove to beinvalid or unenforceable, regardless of the reason for this, then this does not affect the invalidity or applicability of the other provisions.

These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between: "RIVA-LOGISTICS UK LIMITED ", limited liability company, VAT 272 7356 85, with its registered office with address: 27 HALEFIELD, LONDON, GREATER LONDON, N17 9XR referred to as Contractor and any individual entity that uses the services of the contractor and accepts its Terms of Service, is referred to as User.

Rights and Obligations of the Contractor

1. The Contractor carries out the transport of goods and consignments online platforms / shops from England to Bulgaria.
2. The Contractor carries out the transportation of goods and consignments online shops and from all European sites that deliver the items to address in England
3. The Contractor agrees to provide the User with the address at his / her address in England only for goods and articles that the User has paid in full to the seller, in his own name and on his own account, without having benefited from credit, provided by the site to the relevant online stores / platforms.
4. On receipt of goods and consignments in the Contractor's warehouses in England The contractor prepares them and sends them with the first next course to our warehouse at Bulgaria. The Contractor does not hold shipments in his warehouses in order, merging multiple shipments into different courses of a User.
5. The Contractor always maintains up-to-date information about the courses from England, which is published on its website (www.azdostaviam.com), which includes a departure date from the respective warehouse, date of arrival at the central warehouse of the Contractor in the city -Gotse Delchev and the status of the course.
6. On arrival of the truck with the shipments in stock Gotse Delchev, Contractor sorts the corresponding rate, which takes 1 to 3 business days depending on the duration of the course.
7.After sorting the course, the Contractor informs the User via a text message of the mobile phone number and e-mail left for contacts for shipments arriving on his behalf.
7.1. this text message contains country information from which also arrives a URL to the personal profile.
7.2. information on the number of consignments received and payable to The Contractor's Amount can be read in the User's Profile the Contractor's website (www.azdostaviam.com);
8. The Contractor shall not be responsible for the release of goods from customs and landfill of couriers in England;
9. The Contractor accepts only goods that the User has paid for entirely to the seller without having used the credit provided from the site of the online stores / platform.
10.The Contractor reserves the right not to accept or return a product sent for the User, if the item is not paid fully by used for payment credit provided by the respective online store/ platform, and the Contractor is not responsible for the shops and dispensaries of couriers in England. The cost of returning the goods to the respective online store / platform is entirely at the expense of the User
11. The Contractor shall have the right to use subcontractors for the execution of The services offered on the Site without the need to notify or receive Buyer's consent to that.
12. The Contractor has the right to refuse to execute (cancel) the made by User Order, if it finds that it is not entirely paid for. Cancellation of the order does not entail any liability or consequent liability of any of the parties to the other in relation to it, respectively, none of them has right to seek redress on the other party for its annulment.
13. In the case of receipt of goods purchased on credit at the Contractor's office, The Contractor shall only provide the Goods to the User against proof of its payment to the online store / seller.
14.On receipt of the goods from an office of the Contractor in Bulgaria, The Contractor, as a Data Privacy Administrator, has the right to request from User identity document to make sure it does not provide the goods to a third party.
15.The Contractor shall not be responsible for the content of the shipments, such as model, color, size and peculiarities. The Contractor is not responsible in the case of an inaccurate order made by the User to an online one shop.
16.The Contractor is not responsible for content online stores, items they describe, offers, and availability of the corresponding items. The Contractor is not responsible for content online stores, items they describe, offers, and availability of the corresponding items.
17.The contractor is not responsible for damage due to poor performance packaged and unlabeled with the corresponding features of the shipment itself.
18.The Contractor shall not be liable for damage, broken or damaged or other of the ordered goods. If the product has external features at all is being accepted at our warehouses in England going back to courier / supplier.
19..When the Contractor loses a shipment, the Contractor shall carry it out investigation within 30 business days and only pay the amount paid to the seller via paypal or bank transfer, but only if the customer has provided the receipt of the shipment in our UK warehouse by tracking number and signature of our employee.
20.The Contractor shall not be liable for any of the stores and landfill sites of couriers in England in the event that:
20.1 The consumer has not paid in full the goods provided by the online platform / shop;
20.2 has used the credit provided by the site to the payment online stores / platforms;
20.3 has used a non-genuine or stolen credit / debit for payment map.
21. The Contractor reserves the right to retain consignments that are not available written receiver and locker number as described in item 2, paragraph 3 and item 2, paragraph 4;
22. All unsolicited items from the Contractor's offices will be stored for a period of 1 month from the date of receipt office. Upon expiry of this period, the Contractor shall not bear responsibility and does not owe the delivery of unsolicited items.

Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities of the User

1. To use the Services of the Contractor, the User undertakes to register on the Contractor's website (www.azdostaviam.com), after which the user receives his / her own profile and automatically receives it an identification number called a short number locker;
2. By registering on the User's website Confirms that he is familiar with the General Terms and accepts them fully;
3. Upon completion of the UK Purchase Order, the User is required to do so to indicate the date and manner of payment of the goods as well as their own value;
4. The consumer pays the vendor's articles, in his own name and on his own account as the address of delivery, entering the address of the Contractor or in England;
5. The User undertakes to use the address of the Warehouses Contractor in England, solely for the purpose of shopping online stores of goods and items that are allowed to be purchased in the European Union union;
6. The user is obliged to send goods to the warehouses of the Contractor in England who has been pre-purchased and paid 100% on vendor (online store / platform);
7. When you fill in the recipient's details with the relevant online store or seller, the user is required to add a locker to his name the number you receive when you log on to Contractor (www.azdostaviam.com);
8. When the User uses the address of the Contractor in England, obliges you to record as recipient except the ID number it receives at registration on the Contractor's website (www.azdostaviam.com), but also its own name and surname:
8.1. - warehouse England - locker - your name and surname;  9. The user is obliged Keep up-to-date information on your account (name, address of receipt, mobile phone, e-mail address) on the Contractor's website (www.azdostaviam.com);
10.If the User wishes to receive or transport goods from England to Bulgaria with a larger volume, peculiarity or specificity of the product, please contact the Contractor on an individual request;
11.The user owes the payment of courier services in case he is has indicated for delivery the wrong address at which the shipment was dispatched;
12. Upon receiving a shipment the user signs the transceiver a protocol that you agree that the shipment is accepted in its entirety without packaging defects or missing;
13.When receiving a "shipment without name or locker number" the user is required to open and verify the consignment for defects or defects caused by transport. If established, they are required to notify the employee at the time of the Contractor's site;

Price for shipment of consignments

1. The price for transport of goods from England to Bulgaria is calculated at 0.70 pounds per kilogram.
1.1 The Contractor fixes a rate of 1 pound = 2.30 leva
2. Minimum commodity / shipment calculation is 1 / one / kilogram
3. The price mentioned above is VAT and is paid in cash and is calculated with accuracy up to 50 stotinki.
4. The user pays the delivery price upon receipt of his shipments
5. Upon receiving more than one shipment per User, the Contractor calculates the total weight of all shipments
6. On receipt of goods and consignments outside of the Contractor's offices in Bulgaria, the user pays the courier service, according to the tariff Econt Express
7. The consumer may receive his / her consignments or in his / her chosen office of the Contractor in Bulgaria or at an address specified by the courier Econt Express
7.1 The Contractor's offices and landfills in Bulgaria are as follows:
7.1.1 town of Gotse Delchev, 8, Dunav Street, ж.к. Horizon
8. * All goods / shipments from England are palletized, not well packed the product may be damaged during transport

Assisted Shopping

1. The user provides links with the exact characteristics of the selected ones articles (colors, sizes, etc.) to calculate the final price;
2. The order is executed with a 50% advance calculated from the amount of the final price (advance is paid in cash in our offices). The remaining 50% is paid when receiving the shipment;
3. Delivery time from England - 2 ~ 3 weeks, China and America - 4 ~ 6 weeks;
4. Second-hand goods are not returned!
5. Return only new items according to seller's terms and conditions, from whom they were purchased;
6. The user is obliged to declare immediately after receipt of the goods that wishes to be returned, indicating to the employee the reasons for or immediately contact the Contractor after receiving the goods through Econt Express;
7. Orders are returned to the customer's account and are not refunded the charged 10% commission and accompanying transportation costs to and in Bulgaria in cases where the item complies with seller, but the customer has not liked its size, does not like the color, the characteristics, the quality of the good or any other personal reason. The rest of the refund amount is paid to the customer after the item is refunded received by the seller and has refunded the amount to the seller 's account "RIVA-LOGISTICS UK LIMITED";
8. Upon receipt of a defective dirty product and the desire of the customer to get it replace or return, the return is at the expense of "RIVA-LOGISTICS UK LIMITED", not refunding the delivery price to Bulgaria and 10% commission;
9. Only new and new products in commercial form, with original ones, will be returned packaging, unlabeled labels not used by the customer.
10. . All transfers made by bank transfer to the seller must to be paid in advance to us at 100% + commission of 10%. IN case of non-arrival of goods "RIVA-LOGISTICS UK LIMITED" does not bear liability and does not refund the amount and the commission paid in advance by the customer. Bank transfers are not a secure method payment, that is, we have no guarantee that the money paid for the goods will be recovered in the case of non-arrival. This is why, such orders are entirely at the risk of the client. The maximum bank transfer value we allow is limited to 300 €.

Shipments without a name or ID number

1. Each consignment received without a recipient's name or a locker number is recorded in section "Shipments without name or locker number";
2. All "No Name or Locker Number" Receipts Obtained in the Storehouse The Contractor in England, are transported to the Contractor's office in the city Gotse Delchev;
3. Received "Shipments without name or locker number" in Gotse Delchev warehouse unpacked, taken and posted in the "Unnamed or Locker" section number "on the Contractor's website;
4. If the User recognizes his / her consignment in the "Unnamed or Shipped Shipments" section-locker number ", must provide the Contractor with detailed information about commodity: link of purchased item, order number, item number, shipment number / tracking number / ', as well as proof of payment goods to the shop / online store /;
5. The Contractor shall check the details provided by the User information, and after verifying its authenticity, the shipment will be delivered to the Contractor, in the manner specified by him in his / her own a profile on the Contractor's website (www.azdostaviam.com);
6. In the case of a vendor or customer's incorrect locker number, Contractor is not responsible for lost or misdirected to other customers consignments;
7. For each registered ship, a delivery of at least 1 kg is charged. irrespective of the number of the transport course in which it was traveling;
8. All unsigned shipments "no name or locker number" will be stored by the Contractor for a period of 1 month from the date of their publication on the site (www.azdostaviam.com). After this has passed term The Contractor shall not be liable and shall not be liable for the transmission of unsolicited shipments;

Prohibited goods for transportation

1. The User is prohibited from using the Contractor's services for transportation of any goods and materials the transportation of which is prohibited by any law, clause, norm, or rules of a state through who travels the shipment;
2. The User is forbidden to use the Contractor's services for transportation of substances and objects described in Art. 90 of the Postal Act services:
2.1. Narcotic, narcotic, psychotropic, highly active and poisonous substances;
2.2. Weapons, explosives, flammable or other dangerous substances or objects;
2.3. Misbehavior or contradictory to moral norms;
2.4. Objects and substances which by their nature or packaging constitute a danger to the lives or health of Contractor or other persons, or may pollute or damage others consignments and equipment;
2.5. Religious materials of sections “banned” or “unregistered” in the country and organizations;
2.6. Movable cultural monuments not licensed or without a certificate.
2.7. Coins, banknotes, currency, travel checks, items, representing value for the sender, platinum, gold, silver, processed or untreated stones and other valuable items;
3. The Contractor shall not be held liable if the User fails to comply with the prohibition of the items described in item 2 and transport such goods. In this case responsibility is the sole responsibility of the User!

Additional agreements

1. These General Terms and Conditions have been adopted on .07.2017 owner of the company's capital and are publicly disclosed through the Contractor's website (www.azdostaviam.com);
2. All disputes arising out of these Terms and Conditions as well as theirs interpretation and enforcement will be resolved by an arbitral tribunal of choice of the Contractor

Confidentiality policy


On May 25, 2018, the General Act entered into force for all EU member states Data Protection and Security Regulation (General Data Protection Regulation - "GDPR"). It is applied directly in Bulgaria as well national law and encompasses the rights and obligations of administrators, processors and data subjects; some of the details are settled also by the Bulgarian Law on Personal Data Protection. All visitors to our website are a subject to personal data and have different rights in this connection. This policy aims to tell more about the security principles and personal data of visitors to our site for our duties as a data controller and the measures we take we've taken to prevent your data from being used without it you know by whom and for what purposes or without having the opportunity to object or to withdraw your consent to their processing. The policy will not stay the same all the time while our website exists; as with digitization progressing and regulating the relationships associated with the processing of personal data is developing, we will strive to improve and we constantly keep our practices consistent with this development, which in turn will be reflected in politics. Our intention is to publish briefly a message in the news section at www.econt.com with the most important highlights every time we make a change to the policy of protection, confidentiality and Privacy ("Policy" or "This Policy").
This policy has been approved by the Riva Logistics Manager (I Deliver!) 23.05.2018 and covers all activities related to the processing of the personal data within the digital assets owned by I Deliver.

Some concepts of importance for a better understanding of this policy - explained

"Personal Information" - this is any information that applies to you - the visitor / user of our website, which either independently or in Combining with other information can help us establish yours identity or link your user behavior to a specific device from which you access our website, for example:

"Subject of Personal Data" - this is you, the visitor to our site. The policy stated in this policy applies only to individuals, unless expressly stated otherwise.

"Processing of personal data" - this is any action we perform or we may do with your personal data, including, but not limited to, theirs collection, analysis or destruction.

"Personal Data Administrator" - with respect to our website, we are we, "I Deliver!". We determine the purpose of processing your data, on one of the grounds provided for by the law; in essence, we also define the means by which this processing is carried out - for example, the technical infrastructure and the applications it implements processing. Obligations regarding the security and protection of the your personal data is ours.

"Personal Data Processing" - this is a third person who processes your personal data on our assignment, in which "I Deliver!" has strictly defined the purpose of the processing, the means by which it occurs and has checked whether the person meets the GDPR requirements. Such a processor can be an agency, responsible for a marketing campaign for "I Deliver! " through a social network and reports on its success.

GDPR introduces or strengthens substantive legal mechanisms in favor of data subjects. Here are some of them that we have relation to the processing of personal data relating to the use of digital assets.

"Digital assets" - the website www.azdostaviam.com

"User session" - The time between user authorization and the moment of its departure or leak due to its inactivity. Meanwhile, the "I Deliver!" System recognizes it unambiguously client.

Policy Purpose


"I Deliver!" Is called upon to protect inviolability and to guarantee the security of the personal data of visitors and users of theirs digital assets. When you visit our website, the third-party web servers individuals we have admitted to our site (such as Google) will temporarily keep your device's connectivity data with our website,as well as the pages you visit on our site, our credentials the type of your browser and operating system, and the website from which You have been referred to www.azdostaviam.com. We do not collect and not we process other personal information about you - such as your name, address, phone number or e-mail address, unless you provide them in connection with your specific information request when completing a registration form for a service or to create a profile on our website. IN Supplement, www.azdostaviam.com require registration and password to access with aiming for easier identification and protection of your personal data.

What does "I Deliver!" your personal data

Providing the services you requested

Almost all personal data that you fill in the registration forms or your profile is needed to meet your need or request from you service that "I Deliver" provides. To provide quality services online and offline, we need yours identification data, their range varies depending on the type the requested service and the legal requirements applicable to it.

In many cases, you use our registration forms to ask a clarifying question about providing services, to express discontent or contentment, submit a complaint, complain, or claim

Marketing activity

The personal data you provide for the purpose of creating an account and use the services of "I Deliver", for example, as well as in others registration forms can be used to inform you about new services provided by "I Deliver", available discounts on existing services or some other service facilities that we have created for you. The messages we send will be tailored to the applicable Bulgarian and EU legislation. You can object to an easy and convenient way of using it and we will terminate it immediately; information on how to withdraw an agreement once or to object when an unsolicited marketing message is received, it will be placed always visible in the message. More on this issue you can find in the next section.

Traffic Analysis and Tracking user behavior of the website through codes from third party domains

Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager

We use the capabilities provided by Google codes for Google to measure the number of visitors to our site as number and frequency visits. We do not use these opportunities to collect personal data or individual IP addresses; the data reaches us in summary form and statistically anonymised and improved visitor experience on our website.

However, data collected in this way is available to Google and under Google their policies and conditions can be combined with other data that Google already has about your identity or your device, your behavior in a digital environment, your search preferences. Google's personal data combined, including those collected through Google Digital assets of "I Deliver!" can be used by the search engine different purposes described in more detail in its Privacy Policy and privacy, including behavioral advertising. On this reason, Google Analytics data will only be delivered prior to your consent, which may subsequently be withdrawn anytime. More about cookies hooked by Google through our site you can find at: https://developers.google.com/analytics/resources/concepts/gaConceptsCookies.

Information about what third parties and for what purpose they can access your personal information, collected on the occasion of visiting our website / use digital asset

Developer Group of Digital Assets of "I Deliver", Agencies for Studies, Marketing Agencies

Rights of the subject of personal data

1. Right to information:
You have the right to get information about important features of the processing of your personal data, including, but not limited to, its purpose, term and basis for recipients and categories of recipients of personal data and others. Depending on how we first collected information, we we will show the most important in this connection in an appropriate and easily visible way every time.

2. Right of access:

You have the right to access your personal data collected directly from "I I deliver "to the web at any time by logging into your account.

More about data collected by third parties through cookies placed on our website, you can get information from their respective websites privacy and privacy protection policies:



3. Right of portability:

We are required to provide you with all personal data processed by us, provided to us to provide a service at your request or collected by you with your consent, on request, in machine-readable format. The request follows making an online request (office@azdostaviam.com): request for portability and we will execute it within 15 working days of receiving it via an electronic communication channel you specify. At If you wish, we may forward the file to another courier / postal services provider translations. In case the requests to us is from the same data subject that has done this more than 2 times a year, then we could collect a fee for this service is in the amount of

4. Right of rectification

You have the right to ask us to correct wrongly recorded or stored personal data for you via email (office@azdostaviam.com) and us we should do so within 5 working days of receiving your request.

5. Right to request limitation of the processing of your personal data

You have the right to request that we temporarily cease processing yours personal data (without deleting it) in the case of an objection for a specific processing or for your legal claims claims or complaint in the Personal Data Protection Commission. Request it sends via email to (office@azdostaviam.com).

6. Withdrawal of your consent

In cases where we have requested your consent for a given processing your personal data, you can always withdraw it. If you are not sure of what basis we process your personal data, you can always ask us this, as well as the exact way you gave your consent - the inquiry is via the online form of our site. We will answer you within 7 business days. We maintain an up-to-date basis for our processing of personal data with which we can consult each time. Withdrawal of consent is the same as you gave it and we will provide you with information - a link or an email where you can make it easy and convenient to answer your inquiry.

7. Right to appeal to the Personal Data Protection Commission

Whenever you believe that your GDPR rights are violated, you can file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Commission. Still, it could be very constructive if you first turn to our Data Protection Officer at office@azdostaviam.com to discuss the issue. We will make sure to give you an answer within 5 working days of receipt of your complaint or question


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E-mail: office@azdostaviam.com
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